Make a photo book together (or alone)

WeBook is a simple and fun way to design a photo book alone or with a group of people on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Want to start or take part?

If you want to start a project, select "Start new project". You decide whether you want to work with other people or alone.

Have you been invited to a WeBook project? Then select “Participate in a project”. Use the code in your invitation to join.

Select a theme

Choose a theme with a style that fits your project. WeBook is adding new themes all the time. If you don’t want a theme, choose a blank project.

Invite others

What makes WeBook unique is working as a group. If you start the project, you decide who gets what rights. Participants can send in photos or entire pages. You then integrate them in the photo book. Or you could let Mystery Mode surprise you. In that case, you will only see your own pages during the process.

Start designing

Your photo book will come to life in our convenient editor. Add pictures of yourself or the other participants, choose from the different page layouts and add text.

Place order

Order your WeBook as soon as everyone has finished. You decide whether others are allowed to order a copy too. You can have it delivered to your home or pick it up from a photo shop near you.